New Ideas, New Concepts, New Solutions


The Idea

To become real and successful, a new idea must be thought through and shaped.


Formulation & OpenLabs

A new product must have a consistent, stable and scalable formula.



A product must offer a solution to a real problem, and the consumer must notice it.




Every innovation goes through three stages:

At the beginning the new ideas are underestimate, then strongly criticized and, finally, accepted and become part of our lives.


A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

– Mark Twain / Writer

Innovation comes from creativity and teamwork.
It requires time to think, analyze, define … and above all, time to become inspired.


If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together

– African proverb

The world progresses thanks to the ideas and especially with those people who dare to face the present to build our future… Innovate to be different and better, work in team and give value to what we do.

An idea becomes a concept when you create a solution for the market that already exists or that will be new. 

Know the market
and your competitors

A product must have a good distribution that can offer the entire chain of value of the product.

We adapt the innovation to the various distribution networks, offering a healthy addition to the products of our day-to-day.
A product must have a good distribution that can offer the entire chain of value of the product.





Special Supplements



Believing something is possible is to make it come true

– Friedrich Hebbel / German poet, philosopher, physician, historian and playwright.

Each product requires a unique format. We provide end products in all types of formats (powder, liquid, gel, capsules, vials, etc…)







Soft Capsules




Ingredients. Flavouring. Pilot Test. Quality Dossier

Umbrella F&FI produces "Tailor Made" MIX:

Umbrella F&FI offers “state-of-the-art” and software to produce “Tailor-Made” MIX and protect the confidential formula.

The MIX is confidential, and you can send this ingredient to any contract manufacturer or packer without revealing your secret formula or know-how.


At the end, you’re different … or you’re cheaper

– Guy Kawasaki / Author

A new product requires innovate raw materials, exclusive ingredients to offer an interesting formula and consumer solution. 



Amino acids


Extract of Plants



Novel Foods

New Ingredients



Patience begins with tears and, in the end, it smiles

– Ramon Llull / Philosopher

Good taste is always an important objective. Umbrella F&FI offer expert services of a specialist team for each product area in the Food Supplements and Pharmaceutical industry. In many cases, functional ingredients produce organoleptic alterations which need to be valued according to flavours.

Come to the OpenLabs and live the experience of making your own formulation!

 We have the “Open Labs” to carry out Formulation and Flavoring applications tailored to each client and each project.

The client can visit and work “in situ” in the laboratory with our R&D specialists.

Pilot Test

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision

– Peter Drucker / Doctor in Law

A little production is always necessary to check the product, to establish the production protocol or to promote the concept. 

A pilot production must be successfully scalable.

We produce on a small scale to sound out the market, test stability and reduce before launching a product into the market.

We prepare samples of the real product, so you can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, share it … Before launching a product on the market, it is worthwhile to produce it at a small scale to see how it behaves in the market and how our idea is developed when is faced with other ideas.

Quality Dossier

All products need a correct register, technical data sheet, quality analysis and stress cameras to establish shelf life.

Labeling, Regulatory, Product Dossier, Protocols, Stabilities, Correct Self Life, Marketing and Studies Dossiers. 



Manufacturing. certifications. mix - "the state-of-the art"

We produce the idea we have created:

From the idea through to the launch, we share our advice, producing pilots and manufacturing and creating new and innovate products.


Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working

– Pablo Picasso / Painter

We produce any quantity our customers ask us, under GMP norms and the proper and essential quality certificates.

We have flexible production capacity that enables us to satisfy our customer's needs.

All our products are suitable for Clean Room.

Our cardboard boxes are 100% palletizable in Eur-Pallet and inside they contain two plastic bags with UV protection filter and label with plastic material to guarantee that cardboard or paper does not enter the clean rooms of pharmacy or SAS of materials in the nutraceutical industry.

GMPs & Clean Rooms
for Manufacturing of Food Supplements Controlling:
Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and inert gas for mixing.


Download Certification
Download Certification
Download Certification
Certificado AENOR
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MIX - "The State-of-the Art"


Masking Flavours

Marketing Dossiers

Organoleptic Panel

01. Our formulas are technological solutions. We apply avant-garde technologies to the formulation of mixes, obtaining products that remain stable throughout their useful lives.

03. Confidentiality treated with maximum rigor. Development in-house production software enables us to work with a coding system that guarantees confidentiality throughout the production process.

02. Acces to natural raw materials. Our experienced network of sector professionals gives us access to specific suppliers to obtain any ingredients at any time.

04. We develop solutions for the following markets: Food supplements, Sports nutrition, Drinks, Bio/Organic, Nutricosmetics, Dietetics.


Innovating is never settling for what you have and, with talent, make it simple

– Xavier Sàez / Director

The world evolves thanks to the ideas and especially with those who dare to face the present to build the new future….

If you can imagine it,
we can formulate it

Do you have a project or a great idea?

Let's start!