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With a global anti-aging and regenerative action, Royal Day brings together in a single cosmetic the main effects to combat the daily stress of our skin.Our Royal Day is a velvety and light emulsion, conceived as a product of integral protection of the skin.Benefits:

  • Protects against inclement weather and fatigue
  • Hydrate
  • Brings Lightness
  • Tonifies
  • Regenerate
  • Dermo-purify


For all skin types. Its main action is given by the presence of a single active ingredient: P48Inspired by the science of epigenetics, this peptide mimics the action of royal jelly to maximize its effects on the skin and has been shown to be able to modify the characteristics between worker bees and queens that, even sharing the DNA, present large differences in their longevity.It improves the process of skin renewal, ensuring a smoother skin, with an activation of cellular dermo-purification for a more functional and tonic skin, achieving a slowing down of the senescence mechanisms associated with aging.

We are facing a day cream capable of satisfying the most demanding because it is the most innovative and complete in the market.


P48®- BIO-MIMÉTIC peptide:

Pentapeptide biomimetic developed for the regeneration of the skin, P48 is a new biomimetic and biologically active peptide that reactivates the regeneration of the skin through epigenetic science. Based on recent studies on epigenetics

P48 by KEYNAUT is responsible for activating or inhibiting genetic markers so that the skin is able to return to its initial state of Youth. Encapsulated with nano-spheres for greater release and absorption capacity directed to the dermis.

VEGETABLE EXTRACT OF CASALPINA ESPIPNOSA® (3D MATRIX TECHNOLOGY): Immediate and lasting humidity through an exclusive 3D Matrix technology, rich in galactomannans that is presented under a novel technology: a matrix of sequential release of the active ingredients for a long-term hydration together with an immediate hydration effect by the formation of a superficial film.

This produces a hydration activity combined at two levels: improving immediate and lasting hydration of the stratum corneum and regulating the desquamation to recover a good skin appearance.


Widely used to protect the skin from the weather, the sun’s UV rays, photo-aging and eliminate superficial irritations. It is used in traditional medicines against dermatitis, dermatosis, eczema, etc … The high level of fatty acids (oleic acids) help to moisturize the epidermis and to retain the elasticity of the skin.

PRONALEN FRUIT ACIDS (Lemon, Passion Fruit, Grape and Pineapple) These organic acids decrease the cohesion of the corneocots. Increase the level of hydration of the skin. The final result is to improve the flexibility of the stratum corneum and its hydration level.

GRAPE SEED OIL : The grape seed oil provides hydration and keeps the skin young, contains a high content of antioxidants, vitamin C, D, E and beta carotene, which increase the resistance of the skin, making it more elastic and hiding wrinkles. ORGANIC UV FILTER Innovative wide-spectrum UV filter that provides protection against UVB and UVAII wavelengths from 290 to 340 nm. Due to its superior UV absorbency capabilities, it is one of the most effective UV filters available in the market

VITAMIN E (Tocopherol): Vitamin E is responsible for a number of benefits through complex skin protection functions. Quantitative penetration studies have shown that KEYNAUT’s Vitamin E penetrates different layers of the skin. The vast majority of functions can be seen at 16/24 h of the application.


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